PUBG vehicle spawns


  • High % Loot (Red): High Risk, High Reward locations – Lots of players will go here if the airplane flies over or near it.
  • Medium % Loot (Yellow): Medium Risk, Medium Reward locations – Good for a squad of 3-4 players, but can vary based on RNG.
  • Low % Loot (Blue): Low Risk, Low Reward locations – Usually safe locations, but only has loot for 1-2 players, varies a lot based on RNG.
  • 100% Vehicle Spawns: Garages across the map that have ALWAYS have a car in them!
  • High % Gun Loot: Places where you’ll find a guns >90% of the time.
  • Vehicle Spawn %: Possible locations where vehicles can spawn.
  • Boat Spawn %: Possible locations where boats can spawn.