SkyTech Omega PC Review

The SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer Desktop PC Intel i7-7700K is a very impressive piece of kit, released on the market as a premium gaming machine. Listed a first choice for many gamers, it’s become a popular choice for those who like something with a bit of a difference to it generally. However, with so many different gaming PCs out there, is this really a machine that you should be looking to pick up?

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at how good this actual machine is. This should make it much easier for you to decide if this is going to be a good choice for yourself, or if something else might be a more specific fit with regards to the kind of gaming you wish to do.

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  • Intel Core i7-6700K processor
  • Gigabyte GA-Z170-Gaming K3 motherboard
  • 16GB DDR4-2400 memory
  • 240GB SSD
  • 2TB HDD
  • 700W Smart 80-Plus certified PSU
  • Windows 10 Professional 64-bit


  • Zotac GeForce 1080 8GB.

Peripherals and Connections

  • Free gaming keyboard and mouse provided.
  • 1x DVI port.
  • 3x Display Port 1.4.
  • 1x HDMI port.
  • 8x USB of various generations.

Key Features

Absolutely awesome case design, delivered in a crisp white that helps this stand out from the crowd when you are looking for a top quality gaming machine. While most machines go with a more minimalistic black, this helps to break free of such limitations and look so much cooler with that pristine white case.

Outstanding graphical capacity with the help of the new GTX 1080 graphics card. Offering full VR capability, this is a great gaming experience that should make it easy to enjoy new VR releases such as Fallout 4 VR without too much issue. Makes use of the NVIDIA Pascal, too, for an absolute unreal gaming performance that’s certain to meet your specifications and demands.

High quality 7th gen I7 processor. With the potential for this i7-7700K quad-core to give you absolutely booming gaming performance, complete with full Turbo boost speeds of a whopping 4.2GHz, this makes a fine choice for anyone looking for a gaming machine that can handle the pace and take the heat.

DDR4 RAM offers you a very impressive gaming performance, with up to 16GB of DDR4 memory making sure you can enjoy a comprehensive gaming performance. Very good RAM quality that should make handling even the latest and newest AAA titles with the minimum of fuss. Great for handling multi-tasking, too, for those who use this for more than just gaming.

Fine storage solutions offer a very impressive range of options for keeping all of your games together. Use the 2TB HDD to help make sure you have space for all of your normal games that your PC can run with ease, as well as all of your media. Meanwhile, the SSD helps to add excellent storage performance to make sure you can install your big hitting games and get top performance from them.

Fully installed Windows 10 Pro makes sure that you can make the most of your new computer. The hardware itself runs best when you have a good OS, and this helps to give you an OS that is totally compatible with all of your modern games and software options. Great for those who want a perfectly modern, up-to-date model to be enjoyed.

Given it comes with everything but the monitor, so long as you have a TV in the house you could get this bad boy plugged in and powered up on the day that it arrives. This edition of the SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer Desktop PC is about as plug-n-play as there is on the market, making it very easy indeed for you to use and enjoy at your own leisure.

An absolutely whopping gaming machine. The SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer Desktop PC hold very little back when it comes to helping you play top of the range AAA titles. In fact, it’s so far ahead of its time that you should find it easy to play major upcoming titles with an absolute minimum of fuss. Well capable of handling just about anything that throw at it.

The PSU makes sure that your PC never feels too warm. Other gaming machines can make a good choice for keeping the room warm in the winter, but this produces whopping power without being too excessive in terms of the power of the PC. It runs great without ever becoming unstable or dangerous to run.

General Performance

We had the pleasure of trying out the SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer Desktop PC recently, and ran a major range of stress tests on our model. We let it try most modern releases. At time of writing that includes PUBG, COD WWII and a few other AAA titles that feel very much like they should demand a lot from the system. So, what did we make of our SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer Desktop PC?

Processing Power. Given it runs with a more or less top of the range i5-7700K, can say that this handles itself without any problems. Even with everything cranked up to the top of the tree, we found that no game was really giving us too many problems when it came to the processing side of things. Very strong, reliable and more than capable of handling the load we were placing on the PC itself.

Memory. 16GB of DDR4 RAM means that we have very little to worry about on the memory side of things. The SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer Desktop PC runs like a dream, that much is fair. It loads up in seconds and even running memory-intensive games we found it was able to run everything at a breeze. If, for example, you play RAM-heavy games like Football Manager 2018, you will find that this manages the running and control of just about anything out there at present.

Graphical Output. Amazing, in a world. The 1080 does a wonderful job of keeping your machine ticking over, with no game giving us a problem at running them on top form. If you are serious about getting a whopping piece of kit that can do the job intended, even for professional gaming or streaming, this would make a fine starting point. The VR works great, too, though we didn’t test it out too much (personal preference), but it seems to run just as we would have expected. Full HD gaming was a piece of cake, as was the capacity to slap games up to 4K and enjoy that, too.

Storage. More than ample space. The SSD offers plenty of room for installing all of your flagship games, while the HDD has more than enough space for all of your software, media and other games that run with ease anyway. Very fast acting and impressive quality within the storage; definitely up there with the best storage you will get with a PC right out of the box.

Casing. Durable, cool, sleek and very stylish this is a fine case for those who want something different. You can watch the PC inside look absolutely fantastic as you work with it, seeing the interior light up in that beloved red color that just looks so cool. A very good case, and one that should give you ample space for everything inside to be able to breathe without any issues.


Generally, it’s one of the best gaming PCs on the market. While the cost is very high, and it offers a touch overkill for today’s gaming potential, it’s one that should last you for many years to come.

Fantastically easy to set up; it comes with more or less everything that you would need apart from the actual games themselves. A great starting point.

Multiple USB ports makes it easy to set up for multi-gaming on the same PC; easily get some spare pads plugged in and enjoy some local co-op gaming without any issues.

This looks as good as it performs. The quality of the layout is outstanding, as is the overall depth and scale of the interior. Plenty of space giving every piece of the hardware ample time to breathe inside.


Pretty damn pricey. If you are looking for more value for money, and you don’t really need this much overkill, then you can get a model that performs great today without spending so much.

Really, the main reason to buy the SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer Desktop PC is to future-proof yourself to avoid having to upgrade again anytime soon.

The peripherals are pretty damn cheap, in all honesty. For the price that you pay, you would expect these to be of a more responsive, high-quality design than what you get in the box.


Overall, we would have to say that the SkyTech Omega Gaming Computer Desktop PC is a major win. Yes, it’s a big overkill and some people might not need everything it offers, but it’s a fine choice for those with money to burn.

If you invest in this today, we’d wager that your next PC investment won’t be for another good while. Absolutely brilliant at what it does, and delivers a comprehensive and easy to enjoy system that you can get outstanding value from time and time again. The initial outlay is huge, but very little will need upgraded or changed for a long time; very much worth the money if you have that kind of cash spare.

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